Hindu past of Yazidis and their Tamil Connection

Yazhidis (or Yazidis), our brothers and sisters, are being slaughtered by Islamic Terrorists in huge numbers. As I am typing this, I am sure there would be 10 Yazhidis are being killed now and another 4 or 5 being raped. This is the worst form of ethnic cleansing the world is witnessing in the 21st century – even worse than ethnic cleansing of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The silence on Indian government in this issue is baffling.

Yazhidis (or Yazidis) have a strong connection with Hinduism – especially with Tamils (which locals pronounce as Tamizh). Yazh is an ancient music instrument primarily used by Tamils (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yazh). It also finds a mention in Tirukkural – an ancient Tamil literary work. Etymologically, Yazhidi seems to have a link with Yazh. Mayil Yazh and Vil Yazh are two forms of that instrument. Mayil means “Peacock” in Tamil.

Yazhidis worship “Peacock Angel” – Lord Muruga (Karthikeya). Tamils too worship Lord Muruga primarily. The custom of Yazhidis is pretty similar to that of Tamils including the practice of applying “Vibhooti” (or holy ash) on the forehead. Yazhidis also have a custom of lighting lamps (Diyas) and carrying “aarthi” plates. They worship just like the way Hindus worship – with folded hands.


( A Yazhidi “priest” applying “Vibhooti” on the forehead of a “Peacock Angel” worshiper )

Yazhidis taking aarthi plates

(Yazidis carrying Aarthi Plates. Notice that the woman in the middle has pierced her nose – Just like majority of Hindu Women)

India during ancient days comprised most of Asia and Middle eastern regions including parts of Arabia. Indian culture (what is known now as Hinduism) were spread across all these regions. As Arabia followed the same culture in a different form, Indians established many high profile trade relations with Arabia. India exported spices to Arabia and in turn imported magnificent horses. The ancestors of Yazhidis may have settled as traders who migrated from India to Arabian desert and Iraq for the sake of establishing trade houses. Considering that their name has something to do with music (Yazh in Tamil), they would have been nomadic tribes who sang for a living. The present day Yazhidis may have been their descendants. Until the advent of Islam and Christianity, the region had been fairly peaceful barring instances of occasional war between two kings. There are many icons of Hinduism in Iraq that dates back several thousand years ago.



( Though the people of Iraq may not be aware of the significance of the painting on the wall, we Indians could immediately recognize it as a chaste Indian lady lighting the traditional South Indian Lamp )


Silemania province Iraq

(Lord Rama and Hanuman carving on Stone – Silemania, Iraq)


Yazhidis worship the symbol of Peacock and a serpent guards the peacock (just like symbolism with Lord Muruga). Serpent has a reputation of being devil’s messenger in Bible and Islamic texts. That forced these sects to declare them as “devil worshipers”. The recent discord between Islamic community and Yazhidis is because Muslims believe that Yazhidis are devil worshipers and they reject Allah. So Islamic Terrorists like ISIS takes this as a license to destroy the race and culture of Yazhidis – a crime that the majority of the world is silent about. Because powerful countries such as USA, most of Europe and Australia are predominantly Christian / Islamic they are not that bothered about stopping the ethnic cleansing of Yazhidis. Yazhidis are being tortured in a very cruel way as a result.


10606502_755505327860799_375856328857495950_n downloDEGad isis-slaughter-deir-essorGGY

1) A small pre-teen girl Yazhidi being sold into sex trade , 2) Bodies of Yazhidi warriors lying on the ground, 3) Mass Slaugher of Yazhidi by terrorist forces
Since the rest of the world is silent about the killings, Yazhidis have taken the task of their protection upon themselves. But do you really think they can tackle the well armed ISIS? They need our help.


We request all of you to urge respective governments to engage in this war against terrorism and to stop the ethnic cleansing of Yazhidis. They are a very peaceful sect with their own customs. They are dear to us. This barbarism has to stop at any cost.


[Image Courtesy:

Captain Ajit Vadakayil [http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2014/08/the-yazidis-of-iraq-ethnic-cleansing-by.html


Bractwo Zakonne Himavanti


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  • Vishan

    Eyes opening

  • Dinesh Om

    The image showing Indian lady lightning the traditional lamp is a fake. There was a woman sitting down to the wall behind the picture. It’s edited picture not original.

    • Daseena Indran

      Why do you have to find fault in pictures when the fact of the story is in issue. Please open your senses. I believe you are a hindu. Open up your mind and see the truth of happenings.

      • daham

        Hi am Yezidi I living in India now, and when I saw your comment I feel proud because Our Hindu brothers are known about us . I hope to be a good friend with you as I like to have Hindu friends for more comfort

        • Jai Rajkumar
        • prabir

          I pray for all of you there and god release his blessings to all of you who suffers from war. I want to help but sorry to say where I can give don’t know.

        • Kinjar Sheth

          God Bless. I Pray for safety of your community.

        • Sai

          welcome to india. invite all yazidi brothers and sisters to make india their home. i dont care about the accuracy of historical facts though they are very interesting to note and reinforces the connection behind humanity. what matters is that yazidis are peace loving people and thus share the same spirit as people of our nation. we believe truly in the universal brotherhood of mankind (the peaceful ones one are being referred to as kind) and we are proud of it. Nice work by Jai & Agree with Daseena !

    • daham

      I am Yezidi bro and if you don’t believe this picture I can take a video to believe

    • Jai Rajkumar

      see more proof:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX-g587ral0 tamil culture

  • Dinesh Om

    Because the story of the peacock deity ofif the yazidis is different from the Hindu deity. I accept that there culture is similar to Hindus. But we need more accurate proofs. Not some morphed images. If you want to prove anything right then prove it by providing precise facts. Yazidis don’t know if they have any link with Hinduism. The yazidis now are a different kind of Muslims who follow their own pre-Islamic culture along with Islam. That happened because a Muslim introduced them a moderate Islam which allowed them to follow their own culture along with Islam and had them all converted to Islam. If that person hadn’t introduced Islam to them then we would have had any more proofs to prove them as Hindus.

    I do somehow believe that they were Hindus but history doesn’t just relate them to us. Might be because the western scholars cheated the world by not comparing them with Hindus and by hiding facts. But your facts are not much relevant and satisfactory.

    I’m a Hindu.

    • daham

      I am sorry to tell you that your opinion is wrong, I am Yezidi and every time we were heard from our old people that they said Yezidi and Hindu same religion but because of wars and emigration before many years ago that name and language has been changed …..

      My regards

  • Dinesh Om

    Anyway, I appreciate your work

  • Dinesh Om

    Anyway, I appreciate your work.

  • indrajit Gajadharsingh

    yazidis are Hindus and should be protected by Hindus and the Indian army.The Indian army should offer military aid to the yazidis.The yazidis should send a representative urgently to India to request for military aid from the prime minister of India to protect the Hindus of Iraq.

  • Aalok Srivastav

    Yazidis do have an Indian or Vedic connection, but it may not be related with the Tamils as such. It’s true that Tamils worship Lord Kartikeya which is equated with the divine peacock worshipped by the Yazidis, however, in the ancient days, when Vedic Indians are supposed to have migrated to Syria, etc., Kartikeya was widely worshipped in North India. His worship seems to have suddenly disappeared from the North, except one temple … and Kartikeya worship then manifested in the south, in an altered version of Karikeya, where he is shown as a married male god — rather than the bachelor warrior god that was worshipped in the north. What caused the sudden stoppage of Kartikeya worship in the north is not known.

  • Bob B.

    Why Yazidi, have no good organizers and coordinators, and websites in different languages? Where would be a forum and issues of humanitarian aid, but also acquaintance forums were resolved. After all a set of questions, concerning the help, it is possible to solve at the personal level.

    • daham

      Because we are living in Islamic hell

      • Mridul Naithani

        Is it true! That u people may be Hindus?

    • Jai Rajkumar

  • anObserver

    Your post – in particular the picture of a carving depicting Hindu deities is interesting.
    Thanks for writing this. Irrespective of whether the Yazidis religion is a off shoot of Hinduism or not, I know that they are a peaceful people brutalized today. My blood boils at the acts of these Islamic maniacs. If Hindu temples in the world are reaching out to them, we should encourage that & provide help to the Yazidis.