RK Nagar by-election: DMK may win, BJP will gain

RK Nagar, BJP, Election

Tamilnadu has been seeing several protests – few genuine and few orchestrated – over the past several months ever since the demise of Dr.J.Jayalalitha, former chief minister of Tamilnadu.┬áHer death had left a void and chaos ensued. The Central Election Commissioner Mr.Syed Nasim Ahmed Zaidi,┬áhad announced RK Nagar by-elections which is to be held on April 12, 2017. Though DMK […]

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Why Hindutva is important for India

The rise of BJP / RSS signifies that Hindutva is becoming an acceptable formula for the people of this Country – which is a good sign. Many confuse Hindutva with Hinduism. Saying that Hindutva has nothing to do with Hinduism may not be true, but equating Hindutva with Hindu Dharma is wrong. To understand Hindutva it is necessary to decode […]

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