‘Secularism’ is now a swear word

India is secular not because Muslims need it, but because Hindus want it. – MJ Akbar

Thanks to Congress and AAP, the concept of secularism stands defaced in the recent times. Due to the perpetual abuse of Hindus in the name of secularism, the word is now being seen in the context of profanity. The eradication of Congress party from India is a visible outcome of this new hot trend.

In India you are secular only when you satisfy two conditions –

1) You must appease and sympathize with muslims and christians

2) You must be against Hinduism.

I would not call it “minority appeasement” because real minorities like Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Jews are not a part of this appeasement. Muslims, together with Christians form a major vote bank for AAP and Congress. According to recent census, 14+% are muslims and about 2.5% are christians. I strongly doubt the authenticity of christians being pegged at 2.5% as many christians are still masquerading as Hindus. Many christians still have Hindu names. So the information from census is either based on the names or based on self-declaration – both of which may not be accurate. By glancing at people around, christians can easily exceed 7.5% of the total population. Many areas in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are majority christians. Nagaland and rest of the North East are predominantly christian. Residents of a village in Tamil Nadu – Manappad – near Tuticorin are 100% Christians. They have recently “purified” an ancient Hindu ashram and have converted it as Church of Antony. Other groups such as Hindus or Muslims are not encouraged to live at Manappad. Goa has a good number of Christians and so is Pondicherry. Coastal regions in the south have an overwhelming majority of Christians including Nagercoil, Cochin, Mangalore, Nagapattinam and Kanyakumari. Amongst Hindus, left liberals and muslim / christian sympathizers may form about 25% of the population – and almost all of this 25% will always support a party that routinely appeases christians and muslims – such as AAP and Congress. In India, most of the english media are headed either by left liberals or by covert converts – who are openly anti-Hindu. So in India, if you wear the Islamic skull cap, raise slogans against Hindus and brand BJP/RSS/VHP as a communal organization – you would automatically be deemed as a secular person. The media will shower praises on you and left liberals – the so-called “intellectuals” – would flock around you. When Hamid Ansari, the Sonia Gandhi recommended Vice President of India, refused to salute our national flag because of a reason best known to him – media houses instead of shaming him, would rather justify him not saluting the flag (http://abpnews.abplive.in/ind/2015/01/26/article485881.ece/not-saluting-to-army-by-hamid-ansari-is-right-step). But had Modi not saluted the flag – media houses would have been up in arms against him. Unfortunately, putting Islam above the interests of the country is secular in India but personifying mother India as Goddess Durga is highly communal.

The foundation of Islam and Christianity are not secular in nature. Both the religion believe in rampant proselytizing and carry out such activities openly. By proclaiming that their religion is superior to others, they have killed the essence of secularism. The previous Congress government, was headed by Sonia Gandhi who is rumored to be a secret evangelist, encouraged this activity going to the extent of minting coins which had a Christian cross etched at the flip side. None of the left liberals or the media houses protested against this move. But when BJP’s Narendra Modi government decided to etch Mata Vaishno Devi at the back of the coin, these liberals and media houses staged a huge protest. To an average Christian, Hindus are souls who have to be “saved”. If you dig deeper and ask them from what we need to be saved, they would claim that we are living in darkness and we are worshiping “devils”. Tribals in south used to worship an incarnation of Goddess Parvati – locally known as Maari amma (Mother Maari) – since BCs. Christians “educated” them (by offering boats in case of coastal converts) and made them replace “Maari” with “Mary”. They even claim that Kanyakumari is actually Virgin Mary (Kanya + Kumari) and worshiping the local Goddess “Kanya Devi” is wrong. Kanya Devi – an incarnation of Goddess Parvati – is being worshiped there ever since Sangam Period (about 5000 BC – 3000 BC).

India is probably the only non-islamic country where mosques are being allowed to use loud speakers for adhan (azan) five times a day even if the majority population is being disturbed by it. India is the only non-islamic country which subsidizes Haj pilgrimage and the contribution for this may be the donation money Hindu Endowment Board receives from major Hindu temples of India. The donation that Hindus offer in “Hundi” may be utilized this way and Hindus have been tolerant of this for decades. There is no such enforcement for donations received by Mosques and Churches. But every donation public Temples receive is being audited by government and the cash/kind thus received would be in the custody of Hindu Endowment Board, which is free to use it for any purpose it deems fit – including subsidizing Haj pilgrimage or paying the salary of Bishops. Temple priests live modestly in a single room housing, but Bishop’s resident spreads over acres.

Still Muslims do not seem to be happy at their state in India because they consider India as “Dar al Harb” (Region of War) – the region where war against non-believers of Islam Should take place. According to the tenets of Islam, a region designated as “Dar al Harb” is a legitimate ground for conducting Jihadi operations against such non-believers. This is one of the reasons I believe that India can never really satisfy the muslim population no matter what it does – as muslims can be satisfied only when India becomes “Dar al Islam” (Region of Islam) – which would mean that India technically becomes an Islamic country with Shariah law system imposed instead of constitution. Poverty or illiteracy is often shown as reasons for a “normal” muslim becoming a religious terrorist. But when people like Mehdi – a techie with a Bangalore based MNC – is being arrested on grounds of terrorism it can be speculated that it is not because of poverty or illiteracy but purely because of the ideology that drives them. A christian is not seemingly happy in India because government is planning to enact laws against forceful conversions (or conversions by deception). Additionally christians are not happy because the majority of Indians are still Hindus! In this mad race between Muslims and Christians to Islamize India vs to Chritianize India, Secularism is getting killed. Hindus are loosing heavily because of a lack of government response in such events.

A major chunk of a particular section of minorities refuse to sing our national song – “Vande Mataram” claiming that their religion forbids them from singing that. Another section of minorities were up in arms when “anti forceful conversion” bills were passed in Tamil Nadu. People have to realize that these are the people who speak about Secularism and demand that India be secular. Left liberals should understand that Secularism applies to every Indian and not just Hindus.

Hindus are inherently secular. Before the advent of Islam and Christianity, there was no concept of religion in India. There were different belief systems with a common goal – to uphold Dharmic values. There was peace and harmony between adherents of these belief systems. There were healthy debates and more healthier conversations. Hindus are by nature inquisitive and it makes them learn about other cultures alien to India such as Islam and Christianity. That is not because Hinduism is weak – it is because Hindus are strong enough to respect other beliefs. Those Hindus who are not strong enough may eventually convert. It is sad that people whose ancestors converted from Hinduism is today engaged in destroying that culture of India which is based on Hinduism.

It is well known that millions of downtrodden Hindus have been converted to Islam and Christianity either by Force, Money power or the power of Love. It is an unsaid rule with inter-religious couple in love that if one of the lover is a Hindu then they have to leave Hinduism and embrace the religion of their partner. Or such “partner” can fool people by “permitting” the lover to “practice” Hinduism, but ensure that their kids are raised as non-Hindus. Hindus have never really raised a voice against this sort of rampant conversions. But parliament was stalled due to “Ghar Whapsi” – where 20 muslim families came back to their home religion – Hinduism. Such is the hypocrisy of Secularism in India.

We are not against Christians or Muslims – but we are against Christianizing or Islamizing India.