The Various Lies of Tirumurugan Gandhi

Tirumurugan Gandhi lies

At Tamilnadu, there is a clear and evident lack of leadership. It is ensured by certain vested interests that people are always “maintained’ in an agitated state. This aggravated emotions of people are being exploited by few elements to further their own religious-political agenda. There has been various protests – few are genuine, but most are not. There have been many fringe elements having roots in Minority / Separatist establishments. The goals and motives of these elements are devious in nature. One such element is Mr.Tirumurugan Gandhi and his May 17th movement. It is a shame that such unscrupulous politicians and activities exploit their Sri Lankan counterparts (Lankan Tamils) for their own personal benefits or growth in their political career. They like to play politics over the dead (Lankan counterparts).

It is not necessary to dig through Mr.Tirumurugan Gandhi’s background. His background is pretty evident from the way he conveys his separatist sentiments. There were some leads linking him with few minority institutions operating in Tamilnadu and abroad. It is observed that Mr.Gandhi lies with a straight face, with enough aggression to dismantle the morale of his opponent verbally. These lies are either outright denial of truth or exaggerated half-truths deliberately wielded to stroke the emotions of people and divert such emotions against the central leadership in an attempt to spread anarchy. He has been fairly successful to an extent.


Half-Truth #1 : Government has stopped Kerosene Subsidy and has hit on the livelihood of Poor People

In India, there are a good number of extremely poor households who use firewood and kerosene to cook their food. It is a shame that even after seven decades of Independence, there are households without access to gas for cooking.

It is told that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother cooked that way (it was pretty common those days) and that led to her developing some breathing complications. One of the first steps Mr. Modi took was to launch a “Give It Up” campaign targeting LPG subsidies. People voluntarily gave up their LPG subsidies at his call. The government saved about ₹20,000 Crores ( ₹200 Billions) that can be traced to this campaign along with the DBT initiative. (Read more about Give It Up Campaign here :

The Government did not want to profit from the campaign and instead wants to distribute this savings to the poor households by means of “gifting” them a free LPG connection. That scheme is termed as “Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana” (

While it is true that Government is stopping the kerosene subsidy in phases, it is also true that it is being stopped only in places where there is a considerable success in PM Ujjwala Yojana Scheme. This scheme also helps fight pollution by replacing firewood / coal with a cleaner LPG.

If the Kerosene subsidy is not stopped at such places, the subsidy will definitely be misused. There were reports of Kerosene being used to drive commercial vehicles, ( and such corrupt activities not just burdens the Government but also pollutes the atmosphere causing health problems among exposed subjects.

So far, 2 Crore (20 Million) households have been benefited by Ujjwala Yojana and these households have no legitimate need for Kerosene anymore. Hence the subsidy is being withdrawn gradually saving the Government a lot of cost. In no way, livelihood of anyone has been hit by such withdrawal.


Half-Truth #2 : Government has signed WTO agreement and are planning to destroy farmers and agriculture

WTO – World Trade Organization – is more or less the de-facto governing body when it comes to export regulations and free trade in a Globalized Market. India is World’s 6th largest Agriculture Exporter and falls within the ambit of WTO.

Recently developed countries announced that their imports would be regulated and WTO had stricter impositions that had to be adhered to. One such imposition is reducing / eliminating agricultural export subsidies ( The reason for such a demand is genuine – as WTO intends to provide a fair market for all players in a globally competitive arena. That way true entrepreneurship can be promoted among participatory nations (

Had India not signed the WTO agreement at Doha, it would have spelled disaster for India when WTO mandates that only the signatories can engage in trade with concessions. Had India abstained from signing such an agreement we may have lost our edge in exports and our exports would have plunged causing great distress for farmers and their revenue would have dwindled. India’s agriculture export grows around 17-21% annually. India cannot stay away from the agreement and halt its growth.

The agreement is signed in an intention to boost farmer’s revenue, which is inline with PM Modi’s vision to double farmer’s income by 2022 ( By avoiding agriculture export subsidies India can not only save costs, but also ensure that it is competitive and capable of exporting its agriculture produce to the world markets. This move will have no impact on internal consumption.

By this scheme, the government has only helped the farmers make more revenue and had not destroyed farming as being claimed by Mr. Gandhi.


Half-Truth #3 : Government will abolish Minimum Support Price and will make more farmers commit suicide. 

Yet another half-truth that is blatantly being agitated upon. WTO mandates that Government remove such subsidies that add up to cost and increase wastage.

MSP is an assurance provided by the Indian Government to Farmers in case the market value of their yield goes below a certain threshold. It has been in vogue since late 1950s. Because of MSP, government may have to “buy” out the produce from the farmer at a previously agreed rate just in case the market of such produce crashes (which is more common than you think). This rate would normally be much higher than the “then” market value (having crashed). So the Government would not be able to sell it. Hence it stores this in storehouses and more often that not, the produce rots ( It cannot be distributed to the public either because it would adversely affect the supply / demand and would kill the market thereby causing huge loss to farmers and additional burden on the country.

WTO mandates that such wastage be curtailed and such subsidies be withdrawn as it would kill competitive spirit in international markets and would destroy market based economy locally. As Indian Government is now signatory to this (read point #2), it has to abolish MSP.

However, Indian Government headed by Mr. Modi realizes the need to protect farmers and the need to offer such protection outside the ambit of WTO. In view of this, PM Modi launched a fantastic Crop Insurance Scheme (Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana) and another market-linked insurance scheme for the farmers. Under this scheme, Market fluctuations can be insured by paying a small premium that would be added to the cost. When insured, any adverse fluctuation in the market price are covered. Which means, in case the market fluctuation trends negative and causes a loss to the farmer, he can royally claim insurance and reclaim his loss. (

That way, WTO agreement is also not violated. Because premium is paid, Government will not be under loss. And because Government will no longer need to buy out the produce, wastage would be drastically minimized. It is a win-win-win for all parties concerned. Hence the claim of Mr. Gandhi against this move is totally unjustified.



Mr. Tirumurugan Gandhi is a part of a larger nexus who are trying to dismantle and implode India from within. When Anna Hazare’s Anti Corruption movement began (2012), scores of Indians supported it. The Congress party which governed India at that time, tried its best to stop the movement – but were unsuccessful. AAP was created for the purpose of division and diversion. What Congress led Government was unable to do, AAP did that (disbanding Anna’s IAC movement). Mr. Tirumurugan Gandhi’s mode of working and his way of spreading misinformation by quoting half truths, matches that of the people behind the formation of AAP and those behind the formation of Naxal / Separatist groups. It can be assumed that Mr Tirumurugan Gandhi belongs to a larger but diverse group that works towards a common goal – to demoralize Indians and to disintegrate the nation.


It is sad to see that neither the TN government, nor the BJP spokesperson in Tamilnadu, has the knowledge or aggression to counter such lies being propagated by Mr. Tirumurugan Gandhi. There can be only two reasons for Mr.Tirumurugan Gandhi to spread venom by propagating such half-truths.

  1. Either he is unaware of the facts and collects information from half-baked sources.
  2. He is fully aware of the facts, but decides to hide them and instigate people’s emotions against Government to gain some foothold for his separatist sentiments.

We leave to the readers to decide on the reason as to why Mr.Tirumurugan Gandhi lies with a straight face.