The desperate, unethical, shameless and deceptive means of Conversions : Missionary style

India is unique and is based upon a culture that existed right from the start of the universe. This culture (known in the recent times as “Hinduism”) is the backbone of India. Ever since the Mughals and Britishers invaded India, they tried hard at breaking this culture but they were not able to do that. However they succeeded to an extent in infecting this great culture. We are infected in such a way that we feel ashamed to proudly proclaim ourselves as Hindus. We are infected in a way that we feel we are obliged to be on the defensive whenever any Pro-Majority law is enacted by the Government on India (which is a very rare event).

Every religion has divisions. Christianity has Protestant, Catholic, Pentecoastal, Syrian and many such divisions. There would be objections raised within the community if a Catholic tries to marry a Protestant for example. Islam has numerous divisions and they can be bloody and murderous in their attempt to defend their division. The culture of Hinduism had divisions too – for which there were several justifications that validated such divisions during ancient times. However, when divisions were becoming a problem, true to the spirit of Hinduism, it was corrected and slowly such divisions are being eradicated. That’s the beauty of Hinduism.

However, this beautiful culture is now target to foreign-funded vultures who are bent upon destroying the Indian culture (Hinduism – the culture of peace and harmony) and replacing it with a culture totally alien to Indian ethos. Christian / Islamic Missionaries operating in India ensures that this anti-national thought of destroying the culture of the land – is propagated rampantly.

These Missionaries have huge and evergreen funding from sources abroad. It is said that Churches in India have the second largest workforce after Government of India. The annual budget of Churches in India exceeds the budget of Indian Navy – and most of this is used towards conversions ( Also, Mosques have abundant sources of wealth most of which are not properly accounted. It is a well known fact that poor and gullible Hindus are lured into conversions by offer of love, money or material benefit – to which they fall prey.

The Modus Operandi of Christian Missionaries involves starting educational institutions which blatantly and openly implants alien thoughts in the minds of naive Children. Parents usually send their children to such schools with a thought that it would help them speak better English (which itself is a misconception). What they do not realize is that their children would slowly get eroded of family values and patriotism – in an attempt to better their English ( Islamic missionaries are pretty active in ensuring censorship of views and getting any literature critical of their religion banned – so that people loose access to the truth.

Conversions by Missionaries are a sure shot way of destroying the secular fabric of this great nation. Off late, the way in which these Missionaries shamelessly engage in deceiving people is getting dangerous. The Missionaries nowadays convert people through a combination of these dangerous means. Most of these may apply to Missionaries of other religions (alien to India) such as Islam.

Conversions by Material Benefits

This is by far the most effective means of converting poor and innocent people. Missionaries (of both the religions) has had a good degree of success through this method. The inflow from foreign sources to few Indian NGOs are being diverted for such “causes”. Christian Missionaries have offered free of cost fishing boats for fishermen living in and around Coastal Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh – if only they convert. The entire system operates more like a Multi-Level marketing scheme. So as a result – in an attempt at earning money, normal people engage in conversion attempts hoping that they make some money in the process. Christian missionaries have an edge over Islamic missionaries in this aspect as they simply get much more funding from sources.

Conversions by Instigating Fear

Instigating fear is not exactly instigating violence – though violence could be one of the means. This works by casting doubts in the minds of innocent Hindus about their own people and culture. Sometimes, milder form of violence or full fledged violence is applied. Mainstream Indian Media plays a vital role in this by highlighting national issues such as suicides of farmers and giving it a communal color by specifying their caste (such as Dalit). The ‘caste card’ is usually played by Missionaries to make innocent Hindus believe that they are being alienated within their community – thereby instigating fear in their minds. This forces them to convert fearing discrimination. This is a very powerful method that dangerously takes advantage of the emotions of people involved – thereby making those people hate our very own culture. What the converts don’t realize is divisions are everywhere – and is much more severe in other religions – it is a world-wide phenomena. An average Indian Muslim is not respected at Arabia – for example. And Sunni – Shia fights are always bloody. A protestant Groom cannot marry a Catholic Bride without oppositions. Such divisions are bad and only adherents of Hinduism were able to fight against it within their culture. Missionaries have successfully made a section of Hindus to believe that Nationalist and Patriotic organizations like RSS are evil.

Conversions by False Propaganda

By spreading false information on our Gods, portraying them as a Satan and by distorting the truth, Missionaries think they can succeed in harvest the soul of an uninformed Hindu. This is an important reason as to why every Hindu in India should stay informed about our culture. At coastal regions near Chennai, locals used to worship an incarnation of Goddess Parvati – locally named as “Maari Amma” (Mother Kaali / Parvathi). This form of worship is inline with “Shakta” tradition of Hinduism – which is very ancient. Christian Missionaries which were very active around the coastal regions had made those people believe that “Maari Amman” (Mother Parvathi) is actually “Mary Amman” (Mother Mary). They convinced them to that extent that these people closed down temples and started visiting Churches. This is just of the thousands of false information spread by missionary groups. Muslim groups have been proclaiming that Mohammed is mentioned in Veda – which is a horrible lie. They even made a Brahmin Priest convert to Islam by spreading false information that Mohammed is an Avatar of Vishnu.

Conversions by Cultural Infusion

This is exclusive to Christian Missionaries and yet another dangerous trend being perpetrated by them. “Prajapati” is the term used for Lord Brahma and millions of Hindus worship Lord Brahma as “Prajapati”. Missionaries have now hijacked that term and they have renamed Jesus as “Prajapati”. In another 100 years, they would start to claim that Jesus is mentioned in Holy Vedas (showing the term Prajapati in Vedic literature) and this could convert a few naive Hindus. Many Christians have adopted saffron colored clothing resembling Hindu Swamis. The Hindu concept of “PadaYatra” (Pilgrimage through foot journey) has been stolen from Hinduism and have been incorporated as a Christian Trend. There has been growing interest in evangelizing “Christian Yoga” – the plan being that in a few hundred years, missionaries may even claim that Yoga had biblical roots. Since the past decade, Hindu custom of chariots (being drawn by the crowd) has been copied by Christians. This trend can be witnessed at Velankanni Church near Chennai. During the Deepavali last year, few churches were decorating themselves with lamps. Special prayers were conducted during Deepavali for Jesus. There is big difference between incorporating another custom and stealing a custom. Shameless Christian missionaries have been focusing on such Shameful acts – and the need of the hour is to educate gullible masses of the origins of such trends.

Conversions by Blacklisting

Few organizations which are owned by Muslims or Christians, blatantly reject a resume with a Hindu name. I came across an office of a Courier company (a franchisee outlet) – where every person working in that office “happens” to be a Muslim. In a muslim-majority country, this can be accepted. But in India – this sets a dangerous precedent. When Hindus start discriminating this way, it would ensure that muslims or christians become jobless in India. In few Christians schools, sub-staffs are usually forced to convert by forcing them out if they fail to convert. In many christian schools, anything that remotely sounds “Indian” is discouraged and a person practicing such a custom (Indian) is punished severely.

Conversions by Lust

An innocent Hindu is lured into “love” with a follower of a religion which is alien to India. During the course of such “love”, it can be seen that Hindus – true to their nature – are true in their relationship where as the other partner usually has only one thing in mind – to convert the “true lover”. Missionaries often encourage this and in fact rewards if the “catch” is a Hindu Brahmin. If the other partner (who belongs to other religion) truly loves the Hindu, why insist on conversions for marriage ? It is sad that in case of a such inter-community marriage – the onus is on the Hindu (bride or a groom) to convert to the other partner’s religion if they want the marriage to be solemnized. We rarely come across a case where bride or the groom converts to Hinduism – simply because we do not blackmail our partners emotionally, into becoming a Hindu.

Conversions by Deception

The best example for this is the oft-repeated quote – “Islam is the religion of peace”. Deception is explicitly sanctioned (for the sake of conversions) by both Islam and Christianity – in their respective books. Many poor Hindus belonging to backward community is often lured by missionaries to convert by lying that there is no discrimination in their religion. The truth remains that the rate of discrimination within their sects is very high and often bloody (especially in case of Islam). An average Hindu would have come across such lies at least once in their life time.

Conversions by False Promises

Many poor people were converted by promise of a better life. The fact was that their life further worsened after such conversions. By taking advantage of their poverty, Missionaries actively convert such people by offer of Money, Jobs and Status – neither of which happens finally.

Conversions by Government Aids

The previous government (Congress(I)) ensured that conversions are operated at full speed. By incorporating a “Cross” in Re.2 coin, the Congress(I) government made their intentions pretty clear – ie, to Christianize India. A cursory glace at “Incredible India” program brings out the clear intent of Islamizing India. School textbooks (NCERT) are often infested with Hindu Bashing and students who learn such text is bound to hate Hinduism. Mainstream media houses are majorly anti-Hindu because their founding members are predominantly Christians.

When the then PM Manmohan Singh proclaimed that “Muslims have the first right on Indian Resources” ( – many Hindus shamelessly clapped their hands in appreciation. Today thankfully, Hindus are beginning to realize the clear and present danger that is before them – namely – the Destruction of Indian Culture in the name of conversions.