10 Shame Points of AAP debunked and Exposed

Recently, a ten point list was being circulated online by AAP begging public to vote for them. The list contained no real agenda and the only agenda seems to be to beg for votes. Though shameful, AAP members made sure the list is circulated in huge numbers online. Neil Terrance Haslam, a former member of AAP and a core member of AVAM, has offered to respond to all the ten points posted by AAP supporting Kejriwal as CM. According to Neil, Kejriwal as Chief Minister for Delhi could be disastrous for Delhi and hopes that BJP government wins with a large majority.

Neil Haslam can be reached at Twitter, Facebook and his website.


1. We hated CMs being imposed by a high command. We rejected the culture of sycophancy. Let us not promote it again. Let us vote for a leader who we know will be accountable to us and not to any high command.

Reply: In AAP Arvind Kejriwal himself is the High Command, he along with Manish Sisodia decide for the entire party. That’s why all the prominent founder members of the party left AAP and even Bhushan Senior lashed Arvind Kejriwal.


2. We need to create alternatives to Congress.

Reply: India needs a strong opposition. That doesn’t mean India must get Dirty Politics in return. There are many honest parties like the Loksatta and many more run by very decent and honest men who does No Drama. India deserves better.


3. AAP has changed the discourse from caste-and religion-based politics

Reply: Recently Arvind Kejriwal said he is a Baniya, Last year Yogendra Yadav said he is Salim, again Ashutosh Said he is a Gupta. If this is not caste politics, then what “AAP’s Raita”. Additionally Kejriwal begged for Muslim votes so much last year that EC had to stop him (http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-11-20/news/44284980_1_ec-notice-aam-aadmi-party-aap).


4. Every politician today from the big national parties have been tried over the last 65 years. There is a severe scarcity of honest leadership. Time to vote for honest people in politics. Governance can be learnt but honesty is a part of our DNA.

Reply : AAP and Arvind Kejriwal are widely recognized as Liars and Drama Artists. They create chaos everyday every minute. They are not for clean governance because Kejriwal came to politics defeating Sheila Dixit saying he has 370 pages of evidence against her, and once he became CM he said he doesn’t have any proof against her. This is the Prime most evidence of a Morally Corrupt person.


5. AAP has also pushed the existing national parties to include clean, fresh faces and made corruption amongst politicians a central issue. It is important to keep that pressure on national parties. A win of AAP will force them to junk the rotten and embrace fresh blood.

Reply: 50% of the MLAs who fought elections on AAP ticket and won the seats have either quit AAP or they are not repeated again now. AAP is just getting candidates who are paying them money. There were solid claims that AAP is charging 2 crores for a Ticket. Even Prashant Bhushan has expressed his concern on candidate selection and as a protest is not actively campaigning for AAP this elections.


6. There is a strong sense of complacency at the Centre. The intent has been there but actions have been few and far in-between. The government led by Modi needs to be pushed.

Reply: Modi’s BJP government is the only government which is even pushing America to take up measures in favor of India. Modi came out with the idea of a BRICS development bank. India is the key member of BRICS bank, which has posed a threat even to the World Bank, because of which even America is climbing down from acting as a big brother to the world. Modi’s government is the only government which has given strong reply to Pakistan. Until now Government of India was like a rat in front of Pakistan and America. Now Modi has made India look like a Roaring Lion. Railways are improving, Economical outlook of India is being projected by World Bank as going to overtake that of China’s in next 2 years, GDP of the country is being projected to get the quickest growth in next 1 year at 6.5- 7 and inflation is at the lowest at just 0.11% lowest in last 10 years. Kejriwal or AAP is not required to push Modi government. Modi knows how to run the government in the best possible manner and in the interest of the nation.


7. It is crucial to silence the religious bigots and ultra right fanatics who have become a headache for Modi too. It is time to bring the train back on track for reform and change, and also silence these looneys.

Reply: For last 700 years Minority appeasement has destroyed India. Fanatic religious minorities have killed Hindus, raped hindu women, massacred children and the elderly. If Kejriwal and his team are men with balls, they should speak about this . For last 400 years other section of minorities have brutally raped our culture, destroyed our education system and our nation, and did all kind of atrocities, which list is endless to put here. It is time we regain all that lost glory for the nation. India is secular for last 1800 years, because its majority of the population who are Hindus are secular by nature. India is not secular because of minorities, but because of Hindus. Hindus allowed Buddhism to take birth on our soil, Jainism, Sikhism and even within Hinduism there are so many varieties. Despite so many varieties, Hindus were secular and will remain secular.


8. Modi has been elected as the Prime Minister of India. Delhi doesn’t need him as much as India does. I find it an idiotic slogan that I should vote in the name of Modi for the CM of Delhi. I am not ready to bury federalism without a fight.

Reply: Delhi has Municipal corporation by BJP, Central government is BJP (which is exhibiting the best performance of the last 67 years in the independent history of India). If the state gets BJP government that would be the Golden period for the development of Delhi. People of Delhi will rejoice because Modi government has already declared that they will make Delhi the first Hitech City of India. For this BJP Govt. is very much needed in Delhi, or else AAP will keep spreading filth everyday and destroy the peace and serenity of Delhi by its Dharnas and Dramas. If AAP is given the chance, the message that goes Internationally will be “Delhi-Dharna city”, and not the capital of India.


9. Kejriwal ruled for 49 days. Modi’s been in power for almost eight months. While we have judged AAP for 49 days of governance, we are willing to give more time to BJP. I think we should give more time for an alternative style of governance to emerge.

Reply: Arvind Kejriwal has shown what alternative type of dysfunctional Government he can give, just within 49 days ! He signed the papers sitting in Dramatic Dharna on Roads of Delhi, and asked people to do “Stings”, and rolled out “doles”. Absolutely no vision for Revenue generation. He favored only a section of his supporters with discounts in electricity charges. He said the water meters are fraudulent while he was an activist and after he became CM, he approved the same fraudulent water meters. He donated money out of MLA funds to Kashmir and not from his own pocket. There is nothing new that he has given to Delhi after Feb 14th 2014 and after he resigned. He has not done even a single job as a sitting MLA. BJP members gave up their MLA salary, but Arvind Kejriwal and his team said they will not give up, even though they are not functioning. That itself shows how self centered and power hungry they are.

10. There seems to be too much importance to one person. We need multitude of leaders and multiple voices. The congress was not good in governance and neither good as an opposition. It is time we create a voice that speaks up and is heard. AAP and Kejriwal can be that voice.

Reply: Yes, if BJP needs an opposition, then let it be, Let AAP sit in the opposition in Delhi, let us see what kind of constructive opposition they will play ! Anyway they are not the opposition in the Parliament, so, that’s ruled out permanently. If AAP’s opposition skills are to be tested, AAP must be defeated by Delhites.


People of Delhi need Good Governance and Peace. A government that takes them in right direction is necessary for Delhi to be recognized Internationally as the Capital of the world’s largest Democracy. It is better to vote that party to power which is ruling at center. Narendra Modi’s initiatives has put India back on the world map. It would be foolish on the part of Delhi people not to elect the party of Patriots – of which Narendra Modi is one.